Lifelong Leraning facility for the Programme Managers and Skill Development Executives of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)

Every living being, not only man, learn something throughout its life – it is a natural phenomenon. However, man has special reasons to organize this learning process in an effective and efficient way to lead a meaningful and successful personal as well as professional life, which contributes for the strengthening of civilizations. That is how ‘lifelong learning’ has become a mantra for training and development among all kinds of organizations -small and large- in all sectors that include governments and corporates. In organizations, lifelong learning is redefined as ‘continuous learning and development throughout one’s career in the organization’.

Nowadays, lifelong learning never proves to be a success unless it is supported by a powerful learning management system that the instructors and learners can depend upon at any place and time. Therefore the learning management systems have to be very sophisticated Information Technology systems that facilitate and promote learning process. At ASAP, to provide ‘lifelong learning’ to the Programme Managers’ and the ‘Skill Development Executives’ we are preparing to use ‘Moodle’  - a wonderful open source Learning/Course Management System (L/CMS).

We are planning to facilitate this learning process without disturbing your day-to-day assignments and busy schedules by following ‘Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)’ method. There shall be various courses that progress in a graduating model. The blue print of the MOOC activities would be like:

  1. Communication of the curriculum and schedule for the learning process
  2. Daily brief email instructions with links to further reading
  3. During weekends you may post a brief blog or add group discussions about what you have learnt in the passing week.
  4. We may also provide live or recorded video/audio lectures. In the case of live events you will have the option to view/hear the recordings of the live events at a time of your choice.
  5. It shall not demand more than 30 minutes from you every day.
  6. Time and place for learning will be flexible. You may choose your own time and place to go through the instructions. We can do this by using a small portion of the time we are used to set apart for casual readings each day.

Cheer up! ...and now back to your challenging assignments with much enthusiasm! Interesting learning times are ahead!